Prayer for the use of media for evangelism

In light of our ongoing outreach through both radio and television, especially as we are again hosting the recording session for Main Street Living, we offer this prayer which is found in “My Prayer Book – 1980 Edition” as published by CPH.

Lord Jesus Christ, blessed Savior, how great is Your mercy that You would have all to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth! Let me always remember Your command to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel to the whole creation that people everywhere may learn to know the truth of Your saving love. I must confess that I have not always been as active as I might have been in obeying Your command. At times I was even tempted to excuse myself by pleading that there was little that I could do to bring the Gospel to everyone. But now You have given us the marvels of radio and television, by which the story of Your saving love can be quickly carried to all the world. Accept, O Christ, my gratitude and my offerings for these modern ways of going quickly to all the world with Your saving Gospel. Favor with Your divine blessing the radio and television mission of our church, and by the working of the Holy Spirit make Your Word, carried by the air waves, a power to salvation in the hearts and lives of people everywhere, for whom You died that they might live forever. Amen.

My Prayer Book, CPH